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Yukon Forests: dependent on fires

June 17th, 2015

The Yukon Territory is covered by approximately 275,000 square kilometres of forest. White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine are the most common cone-bearing tress, but other varieties include Black Spruce, Subalpine Fir, and Tamarack. Trembling Aspen, Balsam Poplar, Paper Birch and several willow species are Yukon’s broadleaf trees.
Yukon forests are fire-dependent, which has made many notable plants and animals adapt to its effects. Did you know that heat from a forest fire is needed to melt the resin that otherwise seals the cone scales of Black Spruce and Lodgepole Pine? Without forest fires, these cone scales would find it difficult to open and let the enclosed seeds fall out.blackspruceblackspruce_cone