1974 Alaska Firefighter’s conference and competition.

In 1974 a Fire Chief Rick Rehn and a small group of Dawson City Fire Fighters went to Fairbanks, Alaska for a skills competition and conference . Here are some of the photos they took.

Getting to Fairbanks was an adventure all on it’s own.

Wake up call seems like it was a noisy affair!

Getting a tour of the Fairbanks airport equipment.

Demonstration of fire suppressing foam.

$500 in 1974 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $2,915.86 in 2022. Although the first type of fire fighting foam was invented in 1902, foam was not widely manufactured until the 1960 when it began being used by the US military.

Fire extinguishing competition. 1 gallon ofgasoline on water.

Make and Break hose competition.

Top photos: Rick Rehn in beige shirt and brown slacks.

Bottom photo: Dan Moi

SCBA demonstration.

Ladder competition.

Competition participants from Dawson: Dan Moi, Rick Rehn, Ralph Troberg, Kirk B.

Vehicle extrication demonstration.

Alaskan sun set.

The Dawson City Firefighter’s Team getting their awards.